Man who got caught in ‘masturbation’ bust in Australia

A man who was caught masturbating in the bath in a Sydney home has been ordered to undergo sex offender treatment.

The man, from the Hunter, was charged with indecent exposure and public indecency in December last year, and was sentenced to three years in jail.

But the judge rejected his bid for leniency, saying the indecent exposure was an “intense” sexual act, and he should not be treated as a pedophile.

The magistrate said the man was “not a pedophilic predator”, and “a man who does not want to be a paedophile”.

“The man has been given a substantial opportunity to pay his own way,” the judge said.

“I have no doubt that the man is now able to make amends to those he has hurt, but there are certain limits to this process.”

The court heard the man’s barrister, Michael Moles, told the court the offending was “very distressing” and “very serious” for the family, but said he was “quite sure” the man had “done the right thing”.

The man had told the magistrate that his “lifestyle is different now” and he had been using his phone a lot more.

He also told the judge he would have no further contact with the man after the sentencing hearing.

“The court will take into account his remorse and the fact that he is remorseful and that he regrets what he has done,” he said.

You are, in effect, a person who has committed a serious crime.””

But there is a very clear risk that your conduct in this case may cause a disturbance in the home or other areas in the community.”

You are, in effect, a person who has committed a serious crime.

“The man will also have to complete a sex offender rehabilitation course and undergo psychological counselling.

In the hearing, the judge heard that the home’s landlord had not seen the offending and believed the man to be “very normal”.”

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I do not accept the argument that the conduct was an aberration.”

Topics:sexual-offences,law-crime-and-justice,courts-and/or-trials,state-parliament,crime,victoria-3200,sydney-2000,australiaMore stories from Victoria

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