How to relax and recharge in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang

The most popular way to relax is to stay inside and soak up the atmosphere, according to Korean massage specialist Kim Hyun-won.

He said it was important to get out of your comfort zone to see new sights and sounds.

“In this country, there are a lot of tourists visiting, and they come to see the country, so it’s really important to relax in the city,” he told the BBC.

“They come here because they want to enjoy the city.”

“The city is quite big, so I don’t think you have to stay in your room.

It’s a beautiful place and you can relax and take a dip in the river or in the lake,” he added.

Kim Hyun’s tips to get the most out of Pampong City source ESPN article Pampoong is a bustling city of some 1.5 million people, in the southern state of Jilin, located about 60 miles (100km) from Seoul.

It is home to a number of attractions including a large shopping mall and a string of beaches.

“The most important thing to do is to go to the beach.

There are a number beaches in the Pampongs that are popular,” Kim told the ABC.

“If you want to have a nice time, just go to one of the beaches.

You can get out and enjoy the ocean breeze.”

The most popular beaches in Pampoyong include Pyeongsang, with its popular Bora Bora, and Sangin, with the scenic Bongbong River.

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