Gay marriage legal in California

California has legalised gay marriage and introduced same-sex marriages.

The move follows an initiative by Governor Jerry Brown to allow same-sport couples to wed and marks the end of a contentious fight for the rights of same-gender couples to marry in the state.

The US state has a long history of legalising same-dignity marriages, and gay marriage became legal in November, with Governor Jerry Davis declaring his support for same-marriage.

Legalising same sex marriage is seen as a victory for the gay rights movement in the US and elsewhere in the world, and has prompted some conservatives to argue that marriage equality is a liberal agenda.

But opponents have argued that marriage should be a right for all people regardless of sexual orientation, and that the right to equal treatment should not be given to same-Sex couples.

Gay marriage is not recognised in California, which is the sixth US state to legalise same-day weddings, following Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey and Vermont.

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