Why is a woman so popular?

The Hindu On Sunday, India’s biggest private television channel said that in the past three years, it had seen a growth in viewership and subscribers of the popular TV show “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”.

The show, which aired from December to March, is known for its lighthearted humour and a love of music.

It had also featured a young woman called Amma, a mother of four, who is seen singing to herself.

In the first episode, Amma sings the catchy tune “Hai Hai Hai”, a tune which she said was popular in her family and had been played many times in her neighbourhood.

The show’s success has led to a rise in popularity among Indian women.

The news channel has been in talks with her management company, Amida Entertainment, to take it further.

In a statement, Ami told The Hindu: “It was difficult for me to stay away from the show, but now I’m in the mindset of not staying away from my mother.

I’m not scared of anything.”

According to the channel, the show has been watched more than two million times since it aired.

In its latest report, the channel said it had been able to gain subscribers and viewers from the countrys largest cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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