‘I am going to die’: A woman has told how she had to endure a ‘disastrous’ experience in a massage chair

A 23-year-old woman from Kerala has described how she has been forced to spend two weeks in a recliner, being treated with disdain by her doctor and being humiliated by other patients who called her a ‘whore’ and a ‘marauding whore’.

‘It was horrible,’ said Anjana Suresh, a resident of Kannur district, where she has lived for the past two years.

‘My doctor used to tease me for having a ‘smallish tummy’ and told me that I was not a woman to have sex.’

I was so embarrassed by the treatment that I decided to come out of the recliner and leave.

‘I felt ashamed and disgusted with myself and decided to end my life.

‘The doctor had been treating me with the help of the local community.

‘One day he asked me if I had any idea what would happen to me after I died.

‘He said that I would be buried in a mass grave.

‘After that, he told me to go to a hospital for the next six weeks to get tested.

‘A few days later, he came to my house and said, “I have been given a test”.’

He said it would take five days for the results to be known.’

But I told him that I had come for the purpose of asking my question.

‘At first, he was happy that he had gotten me tested.

Then he said, ‘It is a very expensive test, so you must pay for it’.”‘

I am scared of what the results would be’ The 25-year old woman told how her family had come to the hospital to collect the test results.

‘They told me they had taken out an insurance policy and were going to give me a monthly salary of Rs. 1,500 for my life, which would be deducted from my insurance.

‘But the doctor refused to give it to me.

‘It wasn’t until they took my money that they asked if I wanted to come back and see them.

‘When I saw my parents, they were shocked.

‘Anjana, who works as a nurse, was the first to come to see me.

I was in tears.

‘She said that she was not able to see her mother again for a long time.

‘In the end, the doctor said to me, “You should go to the police station and tell them that I have lied about what happened.”‘

I told him to come, but he told his doctor to go too.

‘So I went to the station and sat in the police room.

‘Soon after, a constable came and asked, “Are you Anjani Suresha?”

‘I said, I am.

‘”Who are you?” he asked.

‘Then he said that he would take my money and take care of me.

But the constable told me, ‘I don’t have any power over you.

You are not my servant.

You should just go to police station.”

After that the constables said to the doctor, “Go and tell the police that I took Anjaneys money.

“I will not accept it.

You will have to pay me for this.”‘

When I went back to the place, the constabulary had already called the police.

‘We had to go back to Kannada hospital, where we went to get a blood sample.

‘About four days later we were released and Anjanes mother came to the door and said that Anjans mother had died.

I cried so much that I couldn’t speak.

‘Her mother had told her that Anja was a prostitute and had been working as a prostitute in Kannudal for more than 10 years.’

We were taken to the mortuary and Anja’s body was lying on the floor.

‘Some people who had been with us told me she had died of natural causes.

‘Later, we were told by the family that Anjan was cremated at the crematorium.

‘There were people who were upset by the death.

‘Even the family members of the deceased were upset.

‘No one wanted to talk to me and there were even people who refused to accept my statement.

‘That night, I woke up to find out that Anajaneys body was not there.

‘Immediately after the death, I was taken to a funeral home in Kavadu, where I met my father, brother and sister.

‘For three days I was kept in a room, and on Sunday I was told that I should go home and that my parents would take care in the next three days.

‘On the fourth day, I saw a police station in Kavalakkam, where the autopsy report had been prepared.

‘However, I did not feel any pain.

I sat there for five hours, and when I was able to

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