How to get a prostate massage for free in Australia

Anasazi massage therapist is selling the first massage at the Sydney Opera House for under $10,000 and saying she can provide “a great service for everyone”.

The company, known only as Xnxx, has a new website and a YouTube channel and is offering to give people a prostate massage for $10 or $15.

The company is offering the service in two phases: first, there are four sessions in each day at the Opera House.

Then, the service is delivered to clients via a phone call or Skype call, where the therapist will massage the prostate and massage any other body parts.

This means clients can do anything from sitting on a chair to being in a public space to having sex with their partner.

The sessions can be scheduled on a day-to-day basis, with the first session lasting for two hours and the last one lasting for eight hours.

The prices are on a per session basis, but the company said that each session will cost $10-$15.

A video showing the process was posted on the company’s website, but no further details were released.

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