How to relax at a massage spa in Mumbai

New Delhi: It’s not uncommon for women to feel their breasts and buttocks are sore after an afternoon massage at a local spa.

However, it’s not just the women who feel the effects of the massage.

A new survey of female clients from various parts of the country has revealed that there are a number of men who find the sensation of massaging their genitals arousing.

The study by the consulting firm Janssen and Associates, which was published in the medical journal The Lancet, found that about 60 per cent of the female clients surveyed had been touched or touched on the genitals while doing massage.

In another study, conducted in New Delhi in July, it was found that nearly a third of the women surveyed reported that they felt that their genitals felt warm, tender and sensitive after being massaged.

“Many women find it difficult to relax after a massage because of the high intensity and duration of the treatment,” said Dr Aniruddha Kumar, a senior consultant at Jansson.

“Some women find that after a long time, their genital area is red, tender, swollen and sensitive.

It is not only women who experience discomfort after massage.

In some cases, it can cause psychological distress,” she added.

According to the study, nearly half of the patients (46 per cent) reported feeling sore after the massages.

A majority of the respondents said they felt “bitter” after the treatment, while others felt they were “very sore” after being done.

Some of the reasons cited by the women included: “Aching muscles” after a massage; “tendons tightening after a gentle massage” and “soreness after a hot massage”.

The study also found that the average duration of time for each patient was about 30 minutes.

Dr Kumar said the results of the survey showed that women’s health is at risk due to the widespread practice of massages, which is often performed on the private parts of women.

“The most common reason for women who have had a massage is that the massage is done on their private parts,” she said.

“Women may also feel the massage makes them feel tender, sore or irritated, she added, adding that the women also report discomfort and pain after massages which could be caused by the pressure exerted on the genital area.

These findings may be an indication of an increase in the number of women seeking to undergo massage therapy in the country, given that women are more likely to be sexually active than men and therefore need a massage to feel aroused and relaxed,” he said.

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