Is Amazon hiring a foot massager for its Amazon Echo?

If you’re an Amazon Echo owner looking to get more hands-on with your Amazon Echo, you might want to consider the new Amazon foot massagers, according to the company.

The Amazon Echo is one of the company’s new voice-controlled devices, and the Amazon Echo Dot is an all-in-one Echo device that features a speaker, Alexa, a microphone, and a microphone remote.

The Echo Dot also comes with a pair of smart vibrating “toy-assists” for making your voice sound more natural.

One of the toys is a “massage stone,” which Amazon says can be used for “massaging, stretching, or simply simply giving your voice a little extra sparkle.”

The other is a hand-crafted foot massaging device called the “Massage Stone,” which is “designed to make your Echo sound like your favorite Amazon Echo doll,” according to Amazon.

The massagers can also be used to massage your “hands” for a little added volume.

There’s no word on whether these devices will work with the Echo Dot.

Amazon said it will begin using the Echo in some of its more expensive Echo Dot models this week, with the price dropping to $129 for the 32GB version and $149 for the 64GB version.

These lower prices come with some notable caveats.

The company won’t let you use the Echo as a speaker without a separate microphone.

If you want to use the device as a microphone to make audio calls, you need a microphone adapter, which Amazon does not currently sell.

And while you can plug in the Echo for voice-activated control over Bluetooth, the company says it’s still not working with third-party audio-enabled accessories to do so.

The Alexa app currently works with a handful of third-parties, including Sonos, but the company said that’s not a long-term solution.

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