How to Find Your Right Massage Therapy School

A new study says male massage therapists are not the only ones seeking to change men’s mindsets and attitudes.

The study, published online Wednesday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, says men have a “sociopathic view of the world,” and that when they are confronted with uncomfortable thoughts, they may blame themselves and their “bad choices” for the situation.

In a study published in the journal JAMA, a group of researchers at the University of British Columbia surveyed 1,000 male massage practitioners.

Their research found that men in the study were more likely than women to say they are uncomfortable when discussing their thoughts with another man.

For example, while 73 percent of male massage students said they felt uncomfortable when someone mentioned the word “women,” only 56 percent of female massage students felt that way.

The research suggests that male massage therapy schools, which offer sessions for men with the intention of changing their minds, are not necessarily a good place to start.

The researchers also found that when a massage therapist sought out men, they tended to feel less positive toward them.

For instance, they found that 74 percent of massage therapists who had been male students were less likely to report having positive experiences with them than those who had not been male.

“While male massage is an important avenue of research, this study highlights the importance of a larger body of research examining male and female massage therapy students,” the study said.

The University of Canadian said the research “provides compelling evidence for the effectiveness of male-oriented massage as an intervention for the treatment of men’s attitudes toward women and other gender-based inequities in health care.”

It said it’s not possible to pinpoint the cause of the men’s “negative perceptions,” because they were recruited and surveyed in a private setting.

However, it said it is possible that the men are being taught to change their mind about their partners.

“Male massage may not be a solution to the underlying gender inequities but it does seem to provide a promising avenue for men to change those attitudes,” said Dr. Michael Stokes, a co-author of the study.

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