How a Chinese massage parlour in Beijing helped save a girl’s life

Chinese massage therapists and masseuses have worked for years to save a Chinese girl’s health.

Now they are hoping the world will take notice.

The masseuses and massage therapists were all trained in the same school in Beijing.

They have a shared passion for helping people with their health issues, and they’ve started to share their expertise with other people.

One woman, surnamed Chen, said she had come across a girl who had an unresponsive breathing machine implanted in her chest.

The machine helped, and she was able to get to the hospital in time.

Another woman, named Xiaoyang, said that a man in her neighbourhood had recently collapsed and died of pneumonia.

They both agreed to have a session together at a massage parL at a nearby cafe, which was a lifesaver for the two of them.

“It was really important for me, and it saved my life,” Ms Chen said.

“The doctors told me to be careful, but we were able to go to the nearby hospital.”

Ms Chen had been working in Beijing for three years, and her experience there helped her to get back into the massage industry.

She said she worked for about five hours a day, and was always able to meet other people who were also suffering from the same issues.

She has since moved to Australia, and has now started working in Melbourne, but said she was always worried about how her life was going to be.

“My husband was in prison, so I was afraid that if I got into a bad situation, he would lose my husband,” she said.

Her life was not as good as her husband’s, but she said she would never leave her job in China.

“I feel that this is where I belong, and that I should stay here,” she added.

“For now, I just want to help other people, and do my best.”

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