How to massage your feet with a massage therapist

A massage therapist is often the last place you’d expect to find an Australian foot massage therapist, but there’s a small but growing group who specialize in foot massages.

ABC News has discovered the secrets of a highly successful and very popular foot massager in Melbourne, who can deliver massage on demand and offer a personalised massage experience.

Australian massage therapist Thiago Pereira is a true foot massage sensation, but not just for foot massage.

She’s also a yoga specialist who can help with the basic body yoga techniques, such as balancing and tai chi.

The massage therapist at the heart of this group of foot massagers, known as the Thiago Proux, has been performing for more than 20 years.

A massage therapist in the heartland of foot massage is Thiago, but what makes her special is her love of footwork and her devotion to helping her clients get their feet in the best shape possible.

“My feet are the only thing that I’ve ever been able to have control over,” she said.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Thiago works with foot massaging clients on a weekly basis.

I have a client with a very deep foot massagion.

This is the first time that I have done a massage on my client’s foot.

In addition to offering her a personal massage, she also provides the client with personalised foot massage techniques such as using the toe touch technique, foot massage, and massage on the outside of the foot.

“I think that foot massage can be really therapeutic,” she explained.

“The most important thing for me is that I don’t put any pressure on the client’s feet, so I can really make sure that they are relaxed and have the best possible experience.”

Foot massage is a very personal experience, so she’s willing to go to great lengths to get the client the best results.

After all, if she has to use an electric chair to massage the client, she will.

Thiago Perella is a passionate foot massage and yoga specialist, who uses her foot massagement expertise to give her clients the best massage possible.

“We really want to get in touch with the client in a more relaxed way, so they can really enjoy the massage and get their whole body in it,” she added.

“There is a lot of massage that can be done to make a massage happen.

It’s not only physical, but also mental.”

When the client is done with the massage, they usually leave with a feeling of well-being.

If Thiago was going to offer a foot massage in the future, she’d like to work with a more experienced masseur to help her with her client’s recovery.

“My client is going to need a massage in their feet for a long time, so if they can find someone that’s really experienced and knows how to do it, that’s a great option,” she advised.

“But in the meantime, if they are willing to do that, I would definitely recommend a massage as an option.”

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