The first female sports massage therapist in India

The first professional sports massage therapists in India, from Delhi to Mumbai, have been selected for the next edition of the National Sports Management Conference (NSMC) in 2019.

Karin Pal and Satya Nair, both women from Delhi, have qualified for the 2019 event.

They will take part in a session to learn the basics of sports massage.

The NSMC is a gathering of top sports professionals across India.

It was organised by the Indian Sports Management Association (ISMA) and has been held since 2001.

Pal, an associate professor of sport administration at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, said that she was “extremely excited” to be chosen as a candidate.

“I am really looking forward to working with the coaches and the organisers, who are extremely professional and have a great understanding of the profession,” she said.

She said the sessions will help students become more aware of the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.

“It will also help us in getting the most out of the NSMC in terms of the benefits of sports training,” she added.

Pal said that her team at Delhi Sports Institute had been working hard to get the qualification.

“We have been practising with the NSMCS for two years now and have worked hard to qualify,” she told The Times.

The team had been training for a couple of months to prepare for the NSMs.

The team was selected after extensive research, Pal said.

“We had to take a lot of extra measures to prepare to meet this event,” she explained.

“Our team was already working hard and was fully committed to the NSMS.”

She said that it was an exciting opportunity for the team to be working alongside the NSMA.

“This was a huge opportunity for our team and we look forward to meeting the other teams.”

The team was also encouraged to take part by the team captain, Raja Jai, who said that they would have a fantastic experience.

“They have the same expectations of us as students.

We are proud to work with them.”

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