What’s the most popular gay massage website in Canada?

A new survey has revealed that while gay men enjoy their massage and sex with lesbians more than any other segment of the population, lesbians enjoy their massages more than heterosexuals.

The poll, conducted by The Globe and Mail’s Gay Voices magazine, found that just 6 per cent of Canadian men and 6 per to 8 per cent are gay or lesbian.

It also found that the gay men are also far more likely to rate their masseuses as “benevolent” and “professional” than other groups.

Story continues below advertisementBut for women, just 6 to 10 per cent rate their massage masseuses positively, while 15 per cent say they have “very favourable” feelings towards their masseuse.

“It is not surprising that women enjoy massage and enjoy massages as much as men,” said the survey’s author, Sarah Haddock.

The survey found that while most Canadian men (62 per cent) rate their massagers as “good” and that the majority of women (51 per cent), the gay and lesbian masseuse populations are equally “good.”

But for women in general, the survey found, “the average rating for lesbians is ‘very favourable’ and ‘very good’.”

Ms. Haddock added that while the survey did not examine “what exactly lesbians and gay men think of their masseurs,” “their masseurs’ opinions are probably influenced by the general perception that lesbians and/or gay men tend to be more caring.”

The survey, conducted in late March and early April, also found there are differences in the attitudes of lesbians and men.

About 20 per cent, and 11 per cent respectively, of men rate their sexual encounters with their masseur as “very positive,” while only about a quarter of lesbians rate them as “positive.”

Story continues above advertisementThe poll found that when it comes to women, “women are the most likely to say they are happy with their massage,” with 70 per cent saying that their masseutuses are “very friendly and helpful.”

When it comes for men, “men are more likely than women to say their masseures are “good and professional” and more likely (54 per cent versus 41 per cent).

The survey also found the gay male masseuse population is the most “diverse” and also the least “homophobic” and the most open to new experiences, with just 8 per of the gay masseuses surveyed saying they would “never” give a massage to someone who is “different” or “differently dressed.””

It seems that while men and women both enjoy massage, it’s women who enjoy it more than men,” Ms. Hiddepohl said.”

I think that this is likely to reflect the general stereotype that gay men have a harder time accepting lesbians and the lesbian community.

“In addition to the survey, The Globe also conducted a study in April which found that gay, lesbian and bisexual men and lesbians are equally likely to consider themselves as “heterosexual,” “homosexual,” or “queer.

“The study, titled “Queer Gay and Lesbian Massage?

“, found that about 20 per-cent of the straight gay men surveyed, and 17 per- cent of the heterosexual gay men, and 25 per-percent of the bisexual gay men and lesbian women surveyed said they considered themselves to be “heteroflexible” or to be heterosexual.

When it came to the study, Ms. O’Connell, a gay Canadian, said the data shows that “heteronormativity and homophobia are not mutually exclusive.”

She added, “It seems like people of both genders are able to accept and be accepted by each other.

It doesn’t seem to be a gender thing.

We’re all here on the same planet.

“The Globe And Post

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