What’s the best massager in my area?

This is a list of the best massage and bodywork equipment I’ve come across over the past few months.

A lot of the equipment I listed above are not as widely used as other massage equipment but it’s still nice to know what’s out there.

If you’re looking for a good massage for yourself, it might be worth checking out a massage therapist, masseur, or therapist-driven massage therapy that is just right for you.

If it’s a massage service that offers massage therapy, there are some massage services that you should definitely check out.

If your therapist’s a masseur who specializes in massage therapy and you’ve been using massage equipment, check out a therapist-led massage therapy program. 

What I love about this list is that it makes it easy to see which products are most commonly used in the massage therapy industry.

If you want to check out the best bodywork products, check here.

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