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A popular Asian massage parlour in the UK is to open its doors to visitors in the new year.

The ‘Asian massage’ shop is set to open at a busy intersection in north London, where a large Chinese community is thought to be based.

The shop is due to open by the end of the year.

Read more: Asian massage shop opens in UK to cater for Chinese community in new year The shop, named ‘Asian’ on the sign, has been in the market for months, and will offer ‘free massage’ services to people from across the world.

It will have an open-plan space and can be booked online.

Owner and head of marketing at ‘Asian’, Michelle Pao, said: “I was looking for a place to provide our Chinese community with a safe place to relax, share, and be free of the pressures of modern life.”

With the popularity of this Chinese spa in the United Kingdom, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to open this shop in the capital.

“The Chinese community of the city is very much aware of the importance of relaxation in its culture and that it’s a time when we can connect, share our love for this art form and enjoy some good times with family and friends.”

The shop is owned by ‘Chinese’ owners and is set in an area of central London.

Pao added: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring our Chinese friends to London.

We’ve partnered with a local developer to create a wonderful space in the heart of the City.”

Pampered with ‘Chinese massage’ ‘Chinese massage’: The shop will offer free massage services to anyone, anywhere in the world, in return for a small donation.

It has been set up by a local business and will be open to everyone from all walks of life.

It will be an open space with no barriers to entry and you will be able to relax by yourself or with your partner, said Pao.

The spa will have a large outdoor area, with seating and seating-side tables, where the masseuses can offer their services to the public.

“We have a strong Asian community here in London and we hope to serve as a place where our community can be part of the community and reconnect to its culture,” Pao added.

What you need to know about ‘Asian Massage’ spa in London, the UK: The ‘Asian Spa’ is the first Asian massage centre in the US, according to a spokesperson for the US-based American Asian Massage Association.

‘Asian Massager’ opened in Singapore in February, and has since opened in New York.

 ‘Asian massage’: It will offer a free massage service to people of all races, ethnicities, religions and lifestyles, and people from around the world who are looking to relax.

At this stage, it is unclear whether the spa will offer private sessions for individuals or couples.

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