Czech massage parlours open in Montreal for $100 a day


— The Czech massage industry is booming in Montreal, with a handful of locations opening each month.

“The Czechs are known for having great sex and we wanted to give them something different,” said Cindy Blais, who has been the owner of the Bierkasti spa and massage parlor in Cedor Park for six years.

The bierkas are an outdoor, intimate space where massage oils and aromatherapy are administered by experienced massage therapists.

Each month, Blais will offer three or four bierkas. “

I don’t want to go in a bad mood.”

Each month, Blais will offer three or four bierkas.

She said she started offering bierka services in October 2015, when her business began operating in Montreal.

For the past two years, she has been able to get the business off the ground and is happy to see it growing.

“I think the bierks are really well thought out and very well run,” she said.

“There’s always people looking after people and it’s not just a one-time deal.”

Blais said there are many factors that go into the success of a bierking.

In the early days, there were people who would walk up and down the hallway, which Blais said is a bad sign for a business.

Then there are the workers, who Blais says are friendly and professional.

There are also the clients, who she said are usually older men who are looking for a massage.

When Blais opened her massage parlin in October, she said she was able to attract customers and make money from the massage and aromacheapy sessions.

This year, she’s been able, for the first time, to offer an on-demand massage.

She said the on-call services are usually booked for only a few hours.

Blais is also hoping to attract younger people to her business.

“The more people that come to us, the more people we can attract,” she explained.

“We want to bring people into our community.”

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