Shigesato Itoi reveals the true face of Kotonoha in a video interview

In a short video interview, Shigelato Ito reveals the face of the character Kotonohae in the upcoming anime film, Shigenai.

Kotonoh, who is the “master” of the Shigetatsu, is a member of the elite of the Kagekishi and the creator of the Akame ga Kill franchise.

Shigetsugo Itoi said he wanted to make a film that depicted the true side of the protagonist, which was a challenge.

Itoi has previously directed other anime, such as the recent Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime, and has also been directing at the helm of the latest Kotonogatari film.

The video interview follows an article that ran on the official website of the production company Shigematsu in August.

Ito said that Kotono is not just a man, but also a human being.

Kotonokou, as he is known in the anime, is an individual who has a deep connection to the universe.

Kotomayoroku is a “special” individual, who can manipulate objects, and possesses extraordinary power.

“The reason for this is that I wanted to portray a real human being,” he said.

“This is a unique personality that you can only have in the real world.”

Kotonogari is the protagonist of the manga series, and it was the first Kotonōan anime film.

It was also the first to introduce a new protagonist to the series, Kotonouchi.

The anime series is currently airing on the Tokyo MX and BS11 channels.


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