The best massage chair for women and men

Video game massage chairs are becoming more popular as women and people become more comfortable with the idea of their bodies being played in a sexual context.

But the massage chairs themselves are also a subject of debate, as they are made of wood, are not very comfortable to use and can be uncomfortable to hold in certain positions.

That’s why, at the time of this writing, there are no certified massage chairs for men and women.

That’s why a team of therapists at The Healing Center, a massage and wellness facility in Portland, Ore., decided to take the plunge and create a pair of custom massage chairs designed specifically for the needs of men and men who are looking for the comfort of a wood-frame massage chair.

“We wanted to build something that could accommodate a lot of different types of people and to be comfortable,” said Dr. Jessica Dyer, the center’s executive director.

The center was inspired by a woman who asked us if we could help her build a custom massage chair that could be used by both men and woman.

“She wanted to be able to use her massage chair when she’s on her period or on her side, or she wanted a really comfortable massage chair,” Dyer said.

The Healing Center is one of only a handful of massage therapists who specialize in men and both women.

The rest of the providers have specialized in treating men.

The center’s custom massage and fitness center is located at 704 East Second Street, Portland, OR 97212.

For more information, visit the center website.

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