How to get the most out of your massage chair

A new set of massage chairs that can help you relax, and even relax with your partner is now available to rent in Australia.

The new set is a set of chairs designed to offer a more natural massage to those who prefer it.

“We were all thinking of a lot of things we could do with our massage chairs.

We could do some relaxation, maybe some meditation,” co-founder Alex Jones told Hack.

“We were thinking about relaxing people in public, we could maybe have a social moment, or maybe we could be more comfortable with our partners.”

It’s kind of a natural response to the human body, it’s like a warm blanket, and the human skin is just so sensitive, you can actually touch it, and you can feel the warmth.

“The chairs were designed to be easy to use, and also offer some of the best massage treatment you could ask for.

They’re available now for $99 a head and $119 a set.

You can pick one up on the company’s website for $129, or $199 on its website.

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