How to get your massage therapy near you

By: Nafeez AhmedRead moreNafeez AhmadA survey of people who had experienced massage therapy in India, India reported in The Times of India, found that almost half of the people surveyed said they would recommend massage therapy to someone.

The survey was conducted by the Indian Institute of Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation (IIMRT) and the National Human Services Research Institute (NHSSRI) in New Delhi and the Indian Medical Association of India (IMAI).

The study also found that the majority of people would recommend that someone in their life seek a massage therapist.

The IIMRT has a massage therapy program in New York City.

The program provides massage therapy for those who are unable to visit a massage parlour or have a family member who can’t afford to pay for a therapist.

The massage therapy programs also help those who do not have a job and want to get a massage.

A majority of the respondents said they have personally tried a massage at least once, or have been asked to do so by a friend.

The study found that there are a few different types of massage therapy: Massage therapy in the form of body massages, massage therapy using the massage technique of a therapist, massage therapist instruction, and massage therapy with a qualified massage therapist in the UK and other countries.

The most popular types of therapy are Massage therapy that is based on physical contact, Massage therapies that are more hands-on, Massages that involve hands-free massaging, and Massage therapists that are trained to teach patients the physical sensations of their bodies.

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