Which are the best and worst places to find gay massage?

1 of 1 magicians, massage therapists, masseurs and massage parlors in Ireland, including a spa, have reported being harassed online by gay men posing as men in a bid to lure them into their business.

A group of men have been using the online dating website Grindr to lure people into their massage parlor and are currently recruiting new members to become masseurs or masseuses, according to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) which represents massage therapists.

In the last week alone, there have been over 60 cases of harassment and threats against massage therapists across the country, the ILA said in a statement.

“There has been a rise in abuse, threats and bullying of massage therapists and their clients over the last few months, with some clients being targeted by men using Grindr,” it said.

“Masturbation therapists who are openly gay or bisexual, have a personal connection to gay or lesbian people, and who are in a good-faith relationship with clients, face serious threats online and in person.”

“The issue is not new, and the threat of violence against massage professionals and clients is only going to get worse as time goes on,” it added.

In 2016, a woman in her 40s was killed by a man posing as a massage therapist at the Cosmopolitan Spa in Galway.

In May, a man in his 30s stabbed a massage therapy student in his car in Dublin after he refused to have sex with him.

In September, a 24-year-old man in her 30s was stabbed in a park in Dublin by a 24,000-strong mob, who smashed through his window with a large rock.

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