How to take the plunge on spa treatments and luxury products

Hot stone massage is the latest luxury trend that has the potential to revolutionise the way people approach their skin.

The spa treatment is being touted as an alternative to the usual treatments such as oil, mineral oil and lasers, and can also help with acne scars. 

According to Dr Paula Dehaas, a clinical psychologist at the University of Oxford, the idea of a massage was popularised in the 1960s, when people were starting to use their hands in a similar way to massage machines.

“We can see a very similar pattern between modern massage and traditional massage,” she said.

“There’s this sort of ‘hand on body’ feeling.” 

The spa treatment involves rubbing the skin on your hands and fingers with an electric hand-held device, where the practitioner rubs on a massage pad, creating a suction effect.

The pad also has a small hole for the water to come out.

The pad is placed over a patient’s skin to massage it.

Dr Dehaes said that the pads were originally marketed as being suitable for people with oily, damaged skin.

However, the popularity of the technology has also led to concerns that they are being used by people with less-skin-tight skin.

“People are using it for all sorts of reasons, such as ‘I don’t want to rub my face in a puddle of water’, or for ‘I just can’t tolerate the pressure on my skin’,” she said, adding that it has also been marketed as a way to treat acne scars and acne-prone skin. 

“It’s actually a pretty common treatment for acne, but people are sceptical about its effectiveness, and are not sure it is the right one for everyone,” she added. 

However, Dr Deaas said that it was important to remember that it is not necessary to use a special treatment to remove acne.

“In most cases, there are no immediate side effects from using a hand-washing method such as a lotion or shower gel,” she explained.

“If you’re using a natural product, there is a lot less chance of irritation or irritation to the skin and the underlying condition will be treated naturally.” 

A number of beauty products have been developed specifically for hand-wiping, such the Handwipe Duo by Cleopatra, which has a sugared, cotton applicator, a cotton-like applicator and a handwash with hyaluronic acid.

Dr Joanna Macdonald, a dermatologist at The Royal College of Physicians, told The Independent that the hand-wash was a natural treatment for those with oily skin.

She added that many people would also benefit from a moisturiser. 

Dr Dehaaas explained that she would encourage people to try a different type of hand washing, such a hand scrub, or the hand scrub by a professional, before buying a hand washing pad.

“I would encourage consumers to consider a more natural hand washing technique, such an oil scrub, as a good alternative for people who may be uncomfortable with a traditional hand washing method,” she concluded.

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