Thai massage in hotel room as tourists relax after tourists leave, hotel guests leave

TRAITOR TRAVIS WALLACE, PRESENTER: Welcome to another edition of Morning Edition.

This week we have a story about an encounter between a woman and a man.

He is a massage therapist in Thailand.

This is the story of a woman in a hotel room, a massage ball, a male masseuse.

In the video, she describes being put on a bed, being rubbed, being watched and watched again.

I want to let you know, we will be taking a closer look at the story over the next few days.

The man is also a massage therapy instructor and massage therapy coach.

I hope that the woman gets to know him better and that he does not cause any problems.

This video is from the Philippines, the Philippines is where this is happening.

I’m Travis Wallace, in for your hosts, Chris Hayes and Stephanie Ruhle.

In case you missed it, this is the first of two stories we are going to be looking at this week.

First, let’s get the story out of the way.

She is not an American, this woman is not a tourist.

She has been in Thailand for five years, but she is not working in the massage industry.

She’s working in a spa, she’s in a business.

She came to the United States from the United Kingdom in 2014.

She says she has been to Thailand a couple of times before, and this is her first time here.

She got into this business because she has a husband and three children and she says that her husband works in a massage parlor.

She was a massage school student in Thailand, and she had a boyfriend who was working in this massage parlour, and they had a little boy.

The woman says that she had been working in Thailand to earn money to send home.

She had been a massage student in the United Arab Emirates and was working as a massage masseuse in Thailand before coming to the U.S. The masseuse she was working with was a friend of the woman’s husband.

The wife told her husband that he could not work with her anymore.

She went back to the Philippines.

And then she says this man, who is a therapist, began asking her to come over to his office in Bangkok, where she worked, and he began making inappropriate comments, touching her inappropriately.

The husband’s husband says he left her in Bangkok because she was being too rough with him.

And the husband said that the therapist began to take advantage of him and then he began to have sexual contact with her.

She said that this man then asked her to go to his room and he started masturbating with his hand.

The massage therapist then began to say to her, “Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid, don`t be afraid.”

She said he told her, in Thai, “You will not be able to control yourself in front of a man,” that he would not let her speak about what happened.

The lady says that the husband came back to her home and he was going to give her money.

And she was very upset, and said that she wanted to leave, but the husband continued to make comments about her and she wanted her to stay, but that he told the wife that she was not allowed to leave.

And so the husband left.

She left the massage therapy business and went to a private massage school, and then she worked in the spa for about a year, and after about two years she left the spa.

The therapist says that this was a very private situation.

She also says that it was not consensual.

The other person in the room, the man, she said was a Thai massage therapist, who has not been arrested.

But he is a licensed massage therapist.

He also had worked in a similar business before in Thailand where he was licensed.

And he says that he was not in this situation because he was in Thailand because of his relationship with the wife, but he said he had sexual contact in Thailand with another woman.

She claims that she said that, “Yes, I did.”

And he said, “No, you did not.”

The massage therapy school instructor says that in the course of that conversation, the husband began to tell her, you know he was having sexual relations with her, and that she would never, ever tell anyone about what had happened.

And that he also told her that he wanted to be with her forever, and when she was pregnant with their child, he wanted her not to tell anyone.

She did not have the strength to leave the massage school and the spa, because she had her relationship with her husband and she was a licensed masseuse, so she was scared that she might be in trouble.

The second person in this video, the woman is a nurse who is not married.

She does not have a husband.

She works at a nursing home.

But she says

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