How Amazon is testing out a massager with an ‘all-natural’ label

Amazon has been testing out new massage therapy products that are made with natural ingredients, according to the company’s website.

Amazon is offering the products for sale at Amazon Prime, which allows customers to pay a $199 annual fee to get the products.

The company sells the products at a wide range of retailers, including Walmart and

Amazon has said the products are “natural,” but the company has yet to clarify exactly what that means.

The company is also making a push for natural ingredients in its own products.

Last month, Amazon released a list of ingredients for its own natural hair shampoo, a new product with an all-natural ingredient.

Amazon has also been testing a hair gel that is made with ingredients sourced from Amazon’s own organic garden, as well as a “natural” skin care line that is vegan and non-GMO.

Read moreAmazon has also made efforts to improve the health of its customers.

The e-commerce giant announced a $2 million fund in August that will help customers make healthy lifestyle choices.

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