How to deal with a sex worker in China

By John T. Allen / Reuters The number of people in China who use massage and sex workers as prostitutes has risen dramatically over the past decade.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in Beijing, where one of the biggest brothels in the country is in operation.

In February, China’s Ministry of Public Security released the results of a nationwide survey of the country’s sex industry, which found that of the 617,000 registered sex workers, only 9,000 were actually registered as massage therapists.

Of the 4.7 million registered sex work workers, about half of them had a total of over 1,000 clients, according to a report by the China Association of Sex Work Professionals (CASWP).

The government also noted that the majority of the massage parlors were located in rural areas.

In some cities, the number of sex workers in the sex industry has exploded.

In Beijing, there are nearly 200 massage parls, many of them in the eastern city of Changsha, which is home to the city’s largest massage parlor, which has about 100 massage parlers.

The number of massage parlines in Beijing rose by about 10% from 2015 to 2016.

It has now more than doubled, and the number has been increasing year-over-year.

There are now about 1,600 massage parlins in the city, and most are located in residential areas.

The city’s number of masseurs also has increased dramatically, as it became the largest and most cosmopolitan of all the cities surveyed.

The number in the capital increased from 10,000 to over 17,000 in the first three years of the year, according the CASWP.

The sex trade has been in the spotlight in the United States since President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January.

In April, Trump ordered the Department of Homeland Security to review all sex trafficking investigations in the U.S.

The Trump administration has also pushed back against a report released by a U.K.-based group that found the U

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