How to have sex in Japan

The Japanese have long enjoyed having sex on the beach, and the country has a reputation for being a paradise for lovers.

Now, a new survey has found that there’s a new breed of Japanese men who enjoy having sex outdoors.

The survey, conducted by the Japan Society for Human Sexuality, found that almost three-quarters of men surveyed said they have sex outdoors, while another two-thirds said they engage in hand massage and massage therapy.

“I don’t think it’s really something that people have to hide,” said one man who declined to give his name.

“But I think that it’s more for the sake of relaxing and having a good time.”

But some of the men are getting out and about in their bathing suits, while others are doing a lot of walking.

“A lot of people think it should be a big secret but I don’t feel like hiding it at all,” he said.

But the survey also found that a majority of Japanese women also enjoy having anal sex. 

“There’s definitely a desire for it, but I think people have more time to think about it after a day at work and so on,” said another man who didn’t want to give her name.

The men surveyed also agreed that it was more enjoyable to do hand and body massage than oral sex.

“It’s more comfortable, especially with a massage therapist,” said the first man, who has a wife and two young children.

“Hand massage is definitely better for me because I’m not really used to it.”

In a world where men are usually men, there’s been a shift in how men feel about sex, said the study’s co-author, Dr Susan Kwon.

“Men have been looking at women and thinking, ‘Oh my God, they’re all like this’,” she said.

“Women have been taking the approach that it doesn’t matter how much they’re touching, they don’t need to touch.”

So, it’s kind of a shift.

“And the survey found that the majority of the respondents were married, so that’s not surprising, Dr Kwon said.

And while there’s no doubt there are some “bigotry” people in Japan, it seems that some of them have taken notice of the survey and have stopped having sex out and out.


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