How do you turn a robot into a massage therapist?

A team of Japanese researchers have developed a new machine that uses the human body to deliver therapeutic massage to people with cancer.

A robot can now deliver a massage to someone suffering from cancer using only a simple set of instructions.

A team at the Tohoku University of Science and Technology developed the technology with the help of a team of students.

The robot uses a specially-designed skin to control a robotic arm that is connected to the patient’s chest.

The body of the patient is wrapped in a specially designed mask and a specially made fabric.

The patient is then placed in the machine and the robot moves on a surface with a certain degree of precision.

The user then relaxes their muscles and exhales through the mouth of the robot.

The robotic arm then reaches up to touch the patient, and the arm comes down to the chest.

A series of vibrations from the robotic arm move the patient.

The massage can be delivered with a gentle pressure or with more intense pressure and pressure can be given in order to produce more intense pain.

The research team is now looking for more ways to make the robotic arms more precise and more responsive.

In addition, they are considering using a human arm to deliver the massage.

“The team’s next goal is to build a more complex robot that could deliver therapeutic and non-therapeutic massage,” the researchers wrote in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

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