Japan’s massage chair pad can now be bought online

Japan’s first massage chair has been bought online for around US$80 by a US massage therapist.

The website www.massagechair.com has already been flooded with orders for the chair, which is described as being “a premium-quality massage chair”.

The website says it is currently selling the chair for around $80, although the seller does not have any specific details about the price.

A video shows a woman sitting on the chair with her legs spread and her back facing the viewer, while she rubs her breasts with her hands and hands and massage her legs.

The chair also has a remote control and a timer that shows how many minutes the chair will last.

The massage chair is similar to those found in Japan, where people can use the chair to massage their back or chest.

But unlike Japan, there are no rules or regulations around how the chair can be used.

There are no restrictions on what the chair cannot be used for, the website says.

It is unclear how the seller got the chair’s price.

However, the seller is not the first to offer a chair for sale online.

The online retailer Amazon.co.uk recently sold a $160 chair for $80.

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