Thai massage machine used to deliver drugs to the US

Thai massage machine has been found to be the source of a large amount of cocaine and heroin that is being delivered to US by an army truck, according to US officials.

The drugs were delivered by an armored personnel carrier from Thailand.

The US said on Thursday that the shipment of drugs originated in a Thai military base and was found to have originated from the military’s special forces unit in Thailand.

The investigation revealed that Thai military units have been supplying military personnel with drugs in the US for decades.

The shipment was the result of an arrangement between Thai military commanders and US military officials, according a statement by the US Defense Department.

The military had a longstanding relationship with Thailand and has been supplying troops with drugs for decades, but it was not clear when the arrangement started.

“This is the most serious drug trafficking case we’ve seen in our history,” a US military official told reporters in a briefing.

The commander said there had been several instances where the Thai military was providing drugs to US military personnel in the past.

But he added that he was unaware of any instances of the drugs being delivered by the military to US troops.

The defense official did not provide details of the amount of drugs shipped.

Thai authorities initially told the Washington Post that the drugs were for military use.

The official also said the drugs could be linked to the murder of an American soldier in October in a US base in Thailand’s northern city of Pattaya.

In the wake of the scandal, US Vice President Joe Biden called for an independent investigation into the matter.

It’s unclear what kind of drugs were being shipped from Thailand to the United States.

The Pentagon said it was reviewing the matter to determine whether the drugs should be diverted to other countries.

The State Department did not respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

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